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Justhost Coupons – All the top justhost coupon codes of the year 2015. Save lots of money with these Justhost Webhosting Coupons.

JustHost has been around for quite some time and their servers already host several thousands of blogs. There are several JustHost coupons available which would help out a beginner to get a better deal which is one of the many reasons why their solution works better for people that are just starting out. After all a blog cannot grow in viewership count if the hosting is not reliable.

Which Package To Choose?

Like with all other hosting providers there is always the option to upgrade but which plan would make more sense for a new WordPress website?

JustHost has three different plans available for shared hosting. Shared hosting would be the way to go as anything more is not worth paying for especially for a new website that will not have a lot of visitors in its early stage. Out of the three plans available the Starter is the most recommended one and here it is why.

Justhost Coupons

When building a new blog it is expected that there will not be a lot visitors in the first few months. It takes time to build a following. Also WordPress sites or blogs do not need that much space in the beginning when there will not be that much media shared, pictures posted in articles or videos embedded into the posts. The website will need 1GB at most for its first months and in terms of bandwidth that will not be a problem in the beginning. Also for less than $10 they offer up to 100 email accounts, plenty of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

When Is It The Right Time To Upgrade?

Blogs need a lot of processing power. It seems that almost all veteran bloggers switched to dedicated hosting as when the server is shared with other websites the blog itself starts to load slower as the traffic or the view count grows. When there are 100 or more people visiting the website per hour it would be advised to switch to a dedicated plan. Also if the posts keep on growing in numbers it is important to keep an eye on the storage. However they do offer 100 GB of storage for the basic plan which is more than enough but large websites can reach that number quite easily. The Starter plan is less than $10 per month and with JustHost coupons the price can go even lower.

Linux VS Windows Hosting

JustHost does not have any servers running Microsoft OS. They only use Linux as it is much more stable and resource friendly. Linux tends to just work better with PHP websites and databases. However there are people that still prefer Windows servers over Linux. Unfortunately JustHost only offers Linux.

The Bottom Line
JustHost is a great place to start building a small website for a low monthly fee. They have competition pricing for their packages and more than enough features. An average user will most likely never need to upgrade from their Starter plan but the ones that do have plenty of options. Last but not least JustHost coupons can be used to get the monthly price even lower and thus even more affordable to build a website that is not expected to generate revenue anytime soon.

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Hostgator vs Dreamhost

As webmasters, choosing a highly reliable web hosting company that fits into all your company requirements can be a very difficult task. There are so many web hosting companies in the online market but finding the right one can sometimes be deluging. I can only imagine that you already confused between DreamHost and HostGator ? Choosing a reliable host can save you a lot of time money and time down the courses. I’ll be comparing the performances and features of these two web host and ultimately help you find the right host for you. DreamHost and the HostGator are two of the most highly rated web hosting companies on the web and are seldom featured in the top review posts across the internet. In this article, I’ll compare credibility, customer support, user interface, features and pricing. Here is the HostGator vs DreamHost;

Dreamhost Webhosting


Comparing credibility in terms of who has been around for long. HostGator was founded by Brent Oxley in 2003, who was then a student at the Florida Atlantic University, as at the end of 2014, the HostGator had over 9 million websites data according to INC magazine.

DreamHost is a Los Angeles based web hosting provider, founded by Dallas Bethume, Michael Rodriguez, Sage Weil and Josh Jones in 1996. The company has accrued immense wealth and now has become one of the popular web hosting providers.

User Interface

HostGator uses cPanel as its control panel while the DreamHost has a different control panel called the “web panel”, the cPanel comes with freebies which initially help newbies in setting up their websites without having to deal with any advanced control panel functions, in addition HostGator provides users with easy-to –understand video tutorial thus speeding up the time it takes for users to get associated with control panel. DreamHosts’ web panel require extra time for users to fully understand all of its functions, upon mastering it, you’ll love as it has additional features.

Technical support and customer care

Both companies aim to provide customer care in the best way possible but varies in the method adopted, for instance HostGator provides different methods such as through live chat and telephone call, in case of DreamHost, and you have to pay a monthly fee of $ 9.95 if you want to have a phone call based customer care support. So, if you consider the two hosting companies in term of customer care, DreamHost fall in this.

Even though these two web hosting companies have similarities in some aspects of web hosting, it’s clearly that HostGator outplays DreamHost we incorporate the he overall performance of different web hosting aspects.

Here’s why I recommend HostGator?

  • 45-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk of losing hard earned money.
  • High quality performance, speedy server and 99% uptime which ensures great access for you reader.
  • No hidden terms and conditions regarding their plans, performance and prices.
  • Ability to create unlimited email accounts associated with the customer’s brand.
  • Accessible control panel that enable newbies create websites without dealing with control panel fixes.
  • Security team which never fails in protecting their website from viruses and hacks.
  • Excellent and available 24/7 customer support, thus a quick ticketing system that ultimately solves your queries with complete honesty.





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